Professional vacuum cleaner for hotels: advice on choosing

What kind of restaurant vacuums to choose for cleaning the hotel, how many aggregates for 10 rooms, what to look for before buying. All these questions are often asked by the heads of the cleaning services of hotels. Professional robotic vacuums require much more attention then common robotic for a home. But if you’d like to buy a model which will satisfy your need as a restaurant and home vacuum, you choose between among Roomba 890 vs 960.

Now a large number of new models of household units are on the market. However, it is worth considering that their similarity with professional models is only external. Experts believe that it is more profitable for business to purchase professional vacuum cleaners. Let’s compare household and professional devices and find out which of them are more suitable for daily cleaning of the hotel territory.

Possibility of repair

Vacuum cleaners intended for house cleaning are often unreasonable. The cost of replacing a failed node is comparable to the price of a new unit. This makes their repair economically impractical. When using domestic vacuum cleaners for production purposes, the right to warranty service is canceled.

Degree of reliability

The level of reliability of models designed for business is much higher than households. Vacuum cleaners for home cleaning are designed for use for 2-4 hours a week. When using such a device within the average hotel loading, it will fail after about 6 months of active work. Professional models are capable of withstanding a similar load for eight or more years.


Professional models of the best vacuum for restaurant are manufactured taking into account their active use, in comparison with household appliances they have a stronger body and have greater maneuverability. In the production of such models, impact-resistant polymers, brass, and ceramics are used. Most household vacuum cleaners are made of plastic.


Professional vacuum cleaners are much more powerful than household vacuum cleaners. Due to this, they usually have a larger weight and dimensions. Business models are often equipped with several motors, which allow you to process a large area in less time.

restaurant sweeper

Which models of professional vacuum cleaners are suitable for daily cleaning in a hotel?

In the market, there are various types of production models – brush, knapsack, dry and wet cleaning, carpet-washing units, and steam generators. According to experts, for regular cleaning of 10-12 rooms, it is enough to have one traditional model of the professional vacuum cleaner, designed for dry cleaning. The volume of the dust receptacle is recommended to be used from 6-8 liters. Before buying a machine, check the manufacturer’s warranties and collect reviews about the product and the vendor. This will avoid possible problems in the future.

What is the power of the robot vacuum cleaner?

Here you should pay attention to three factors – suction power, battery capacity and charging time. A high-power vacuum cleaner can handle both carpets and hard surfaces, whereas for vacuum cleaners weaker carpets and, for example, seams between tiles can be a problem. For example, the latest robotic vacuum cleaner Samsung suction power is 40 watts – this is one of the most powerful models on the market. At the same time, the device is able to adapt to the surfaces that need cleaning – a large capacity is used only where necessary. Powerful motors require a lot of energy and so you need to keep track of how much the device can run on one battery charge. Most robotic vacuum cleaners have a running time of 1 to 2 hours, and charging time is 2-3 hours. Attention should be paid to the fact that,

Do you have allergies at hotel?

The most modern and expensive robotic vacuum cleaners are equipped with special HEPA filters that prevent dust and allergens from entering the container back into the air in the room. With the help of latest technology, it helps in the work of restaurant sweeper also.

What are the different possibilities offered by robotic vacuum cleaners?

New robotic vacuum cleaners can be configured for different modes of operation, set the time for cleaning, and use mobile devices to monitor and control the cleaning, choosing what the robot should do-clean or recharge. For example, if you want, you can, sitting on the couch, using a laser pointer to send a robot vacuum cleaner to a specific place in the room.

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